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James Bond – Techno Star would not be ashamed of Huawei's new smart smart


April 1, 2019 at 11:06

The Huawei Smart Watch GT, launched in October last year, has been designed to ensure a perfect performance of smart features with an amazing battery life. With more than a million sales, Huawei's best selling, while the Huawei P30 and P30 Pro event in Paris, where the Huawei P30 Pro was leading, introduced the new version of Active and Elegant.

The Active version has the same houses with a 46 mm diameter as Classic Sports and Huawei Sports Watch last year, while the Cain has a smaller 42mm chassis with ceramic diameter. So a color screen that is sensitive to touch the Active larger clock so 1.39 inches (3.53 cm) of diameter and 454 x 454 resolution, less 1.2 inches (3.05 cm) and 390 x 390 pixel solution. Both are AMOLED on-screen technologies and offer a very clear picture.

Very long battery life for better training

The clock, inspired by Grand Tourer cars, has powerful, comfortable and long-term overheads, uses an innovative two processor and smart energy saving architecture to switch between powerful and energy-efficient approaches, depending on the t activity extended the life of the battery.

GT Huawei Watch's Active, Sport and Classic version hours offer a two-week battery life with a typical usage pattern: full day wear with optical heart rate sensor, sleep monitoring, 90 minutes of weekly activity recording, and display of notices; n continuous from the phone. A Cain version battery with a method of using this type lasts up to a week. If the clock does not record the activity and is used as a regular clock, then the battery can withstand up to 30 days.

Ability to lead to the recording of fitness and well-being activities in industry

While GT Huawei Watch GT supports a variety of outdoor and outdoor activities, it is possible to watch the Triatlon in Huawei Watch Watch GT Active and Elegant new. At the same time we record three sporting, swimming, cycling and running activities, all outdoors. Smart surveillance can record the entire triathlon course, including times when the competitor is switched to the next sport. The mode will also be available via the Classic and Sports Huawei GT Watch update hours.

With an exceptionally long battery life and Huawei TruSeen ™ 3.0, a GT Huawei GT Watch smartphone supports continuous 24 hour heart rate monitoring during increased physical activity and during hibernation. By combining the innovative method of measuring optical pulse rate (PPG) pulse rate, building clocks and artificial intelligence algorithms, the solution constantly monitors the user's heart rate with high accuracy. In sports methods, Huawei GT Watch can be installed to display notices on which the user adjusts the difficulty of the activity according to predetermined heartbeat areas. In hibernation, smart surveillance monitors and records its heart rate automatically.

Based on science-based sleep tracking technology, TruSleep ™ 2.0 recognizes sleep disorders and offers over 200 tips for improving sleep quality, as well as personalized advice for better management of individuals' health. Smart watch sets you based on heart rate monitoring, individual breathing rhythm, and based on large data analysis algorithms, to manage health and wellbeing more effectively and better.

A classic look with a modern touch

The Huawei GT (42 mm diameter surveillance) cheerful surveillance will be available in two colors, Magic Pearl White and Magic Tahitian Magic Black Pearl, which is the result of a unique ceramic coloring process. The magical pearl white is further processed with a diamond cut which forms 48 small triangles, which are then carefully polished in the process. Because they reflect light at different angles, it looks like the clock face would shine in a series of different colors.

For the Active Surveillance and Cain GT Huawei, there are also a number of new dialogues available, which will also be available to users of the Classical and Sports versions after the upgrade. Whether it's a birthday party, a rehearsal, a work or a more formal event, you'll always find a dialer who will suit the opportunity.

New belts of Elastomers Active Active and Elegant Huawei Watch GT not only improve their appearance but also make them more durable and comfortable. Active Active Strips is available in orange and dark green, and for a Cain version in black and white.

In addition to the new hours, Huawei also introduced the new Huawei Band 3 sports bracelet, which has been shown with a sensitive color and touch of 0,95 inches (2,41 cm) of AMOLED display. The bracelet has been adapted for young people, with an optical method, the heart rate is measured regularly, we can recognize swimming magnifiers, monitor sleep quality, and has many possibilities to monitor t physical activity.

The version of Huawei Watch GT Active will be available in Slovenia, and its price will be EUR 249,99.

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