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Italian fuel pumps are cheap fuel from Slovenia

Petrol also mentioned a pump scandal made by Italy, which was revealed by Italian journalists.

Reporters from the RAI Radio Report Report investigated bombs that found fuel in Italy at unusual low prices. Low prices can be offered because commercial property brokers do not pay the prescribed VAT payable to the state. According to RTV SLovenija, Petrol would sell millions of tonnes of fuel to criminal agents.

Cheap flights to Italy come through different illegal routes, while petrol is just legal.

"We are talking about the net profit of criminal institutions, which equates to six billion euros. The center of the deal in Slovenia, since the fuel comes from"

is an Italian journalist

Giorgio Mottola

Slovenia correspondent Slovenia said

Janku Petrovcu.

As much as 90 per cent of fuel tanks have the utility company of Rome Max Petroli Italia Slovenian and Croatian license plates. Italian companies in Slovenia do not have to pay fees, so they bring fuel to Italy without paying VAT. Mottola says that the company collects VAT at the time of selling the pump and then disappears without paying VAT to the state. Mottola said that he does not accuse Petrolu's direct guilt, which is also agreed by the Italian investigative authorities.

petrol station in Italy - 2011-2012 | Author: Reuters


Mottola said the number of business from Slovenia to Italy has increased and unknown.

"Petrol accepted his customer brokers who were no longer dealing with oil companies in Italy. It would be good if Petrol was more careful about who was doing, as the proportion of the lion was from all the problem this with tax revocation originated from Slovenia, "

Mottola added, adding that drug suspension of petrol gasoline Petroleum had imported into Austria.

Petroleum: All sales are transparent

Petrol told Slovenia Television that the sale of petroleum products to Italy is transparent, as shown by accounts and contracts. They sell only to companies with bank securities. At the same time, they added that their responsibility ends with a fuel sale, what dealers do after this, they do not know.

The Finance Authority explained that when paying goods to Italy, an additional value tax is paid in Italy. Slovenia has a duty to notify the competent Italian authorities to verify that the VAT is charged correctly.

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