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Ilka Stuhec's mobile move: The nine year old realized a great desire


Ilka Štuhec, after the end of the World Olympic Skating Championship, where he won a skinny gold medal, returned to Maribor for a short time, returning home to Maribor, and fulfilling his wish to Nina and his seven-year-old brother Aleksa. He gave them skiing equipment and allowed them a skiing course,

Ilka received a letter from her sweetheart from Zgornja Savinjska dolina to her home address at Maribor. He received a letter from the picture, which she was very concerned about.

"Dear Ilka, I'm Nina from the 4th grade, I'm nine years old. I love watching you when you win and have a medal. Because we & I'm living alone (mother, my brother, I) and my mother is unemployed, I have not been there Mama says she'll buy skyscraper with her brother and writing a course to us when she gets a job. Then I'll be able to ski like you. " The winner of the nine times in the World Cup competition decided to make the dream of Nina's mother and daughter come true.

"Traditions are a good reminder that many people stand behind us, practically over Slovenia, and support the work of our team. I have had many positive messages during the campaign with Pošta Slovenije. In particular, a little attention It's my home reminder, On the other hand, the content of letters also shows how Slippers are great ski supporters. Every three weeks I receive a set of letters and other comments, including drawings , comics, classical letters, dedications, Celje Football Club even sent me a personal shirt, " was announced by the ski champion, who defended the title of the world champion in a royal discipline in Areju.

Ilka Štuhec | Author: Mediaspeed


"We can not routinely develop skiing in Slovenia. We must always try to increase our popularity, we are doing everything for young people's education as a sporting spirit and a high quality leisure time, the desire to ski, so I decided to help she and her brother to perform one of their great wishes. Who knows, this is the first step to become a best athlete. This may be a new experience, where you will be you meet new friends, learn independence, responsibility and, above all, more skiing. I'm glad I'm in a position where I can achieve any such desire. I am grateful for that I also remember how happy I was in their age Every time I stepped on the skis, I'm currently. So I hope they'll enjoy this week and in the future, " The Slovenia Skier and the best world were proud to be able to help.

Nina and brother Aleks take part in the skiing and three kings course during school holidays and the course lasts until Friday, when the course participants are entitled really to finish Ilka looked after all the equipment she needed, and she hopes she will use them much more often.

During the winter season, Maribor is always underway. After returning from Sweden and a short home payment, he went on to practice in Switzerland, where she is waiting for the end of the World Cup season and the fight for another small crystal cloth for the amount of the ski season.

Ilka Štuhec | Author: Epa


In Crans Montana, as part of the preparations for the special ski and alpine combination, compete in two lower talents for the European Cup. The warm spring weather is not very suitable for outdoor sports in the winter, and due to the spiral, uneven snow is stimulated.

"The avalanche was fortunate in the second part, and the track for skiing is not damaged. The biggest problem is time 16 degrees higher than zero, but it will even be warmer in the next days, so the organizers will have to make a lot of effort to the track, this is a new adverse environment for the competitors, as everything is somehow in the air, " Ilka Štuhec camp reported.

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