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Horoscope for Saturday, November 21st

Andreja Novak / good karma


You will be full of confidence and feel your inner strength grow. You will succeed in resolving an important relationship for you, which will make you very happy and proud.


For the weekend, you’ll be in deeper emotions and be able to get your partner to your side. If you’re in a bad mood, don’t aggravate the problems so everything doesn’t get worse.


Be restless for change. You will realize that you also have to present some things differently yourself to make it all make sense. Relax and learn to socialize.

Andreja Novak, good karma, horoscope, stars

Sašo Švigelj

Andreja Novak – energy researcher and astrologer


Be careful when working with electricity and driving a car, as the stars can tempt you with unpleasant events. Take time for yourself and, if you can, dedicate the whole day to yourself.


Tonight the Sun passes into the sign of Sagittarius, which will release you and awaken the idle love in you. You will love the new feel that will give you the right wings.


Even if you don’t manage to do everything planned, don’t bother and ruin your weekend and home relationships. Make sure you kneel regularly and everything will be different.


Relax so you can open again to love externally. In the afternoon, your inner passions and emotions, which you were sure to have and more, will be activated.


Great ideas will activate your desire for business success, but it’s not up to you to decide. Follow what is important to do and stay in touch about everything.


The sun passes to your sign, which will redirect all the lights on you. This will relax your thoughts well and strengthen your inner strength to make the necessary decisions.


No matter what your loved ones are, now is the time and time when you are fading out of the old and need to find a new way of life. Everything will be set up afresh, so take your time.


Try to calm down and observe how your loved ones would solve a certain thing and then help. Don’t be the one to solve everything at once, because then no one is really happy.


Depending on the situation, you will surprise yourself with a good mood. Be content and everything will seem soluble in its time. Your self confidence will be strengthened.

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