Thursday , August 18 2022

Has given the best to the second most illegal Internet market @ Slo-Tech


Slo-Tech – Europol reports that the German, Dutch, Finnish, French and US forces have successfully closed two large dark dark markets. First, Finland and the French Silkkitie (also known as Valhalla Marketplace), where illegal substances were sold, stopped. When, after giving the best to this page, the bidders and the customers were forced to escape to Wall Street Market, which became the second biggest illegal market on the web, they have even arrive.

Three people were arrested in Germany between 22 and 31 and three in the United States. The administrators running in Germany, the Netherlands and Romania were seized. In addition to this, seized over half a million euros of cash, million euros of different crypts and a number of luxury vehicles. This prevented the market, with more than 63,000 advertisements, 5400 sellers and 1 million consumers. With commissions of 2-6%, the managers served a lot.

But that too was too small for them, as the police had information to prepare for the exit scam. They also intended to abolish it with the money of customers who had loaded them on stage. It's talking about more than 14 million euros. Instead, the arrest stays for up to 15 years in Germany, while in the US, two more arrested are waiting for much more restrictive treatment.

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