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Giants Vidmar Trefol in the contrast of attractive brown #foto


The singer with the deep voice of Urban Vidmar, who shows his talent in the New Zealand Star show, lives his dream. Living after a show at the show turns to his head and says he had the last feeling he was doing something right.

Recently, he released a new song for 16 years and made a video about it. When recording songs and videos, they enjoyed a lot of fun, but he was very proud of an actor in the video, Nino Kolar, who also feared his closest moments with him and kept it # 39 ; the energy released.

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He himself says that all this is the result of many new doors opened to him, so his creations can be epilog. "When I announced on Instagram that I will come to the local bar with the company, the parents came with their children and listened to them. Finally, I found the feeling that I & # 39: do something right and I'm on track, "said the singer with pleasure. He said he was proud that he had inspired inspiration for his musical creation of everyday events, thoughts that spread his head, troublesome troubles, and people he likes.

In the morning, we still carry out work on the farm, and in the afternoon we commit to writing texts and music. He performs several times a week and spreads positive energy with songs. He says he wants to become a well-known musician on the Slovenia scene, and he emphasizes that his new song is a step closer to 16 years.

It's very proud of the creation. I've been blended in modern with the country. As they say, rural music is three chords and truth, so in the poem he talked about his feelings, how he was digesting and looking for.

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