Wednesday , June 29 2022

Gasoline is cheaper, diesel is a little more expensive


According to government regulation, the maximum permitted prices of 95-octane gasoline and diesel fuel will change at midnight.

A liter of 95-octane gasoline will be cheaper for two pence. A 50-liter one-off charge will be cheaper for the euro at a regional level. Maximum price allowed this type of petrol will be 1,335 cents from midnight.

However, slightly 0.1 cents will increase diesel prices, which will cost up to 1,293 euros. The one-time charge of the 50-liter fund is five cents higher.

The restriction applies only to gas stations along regional roads. On motorways, sellers can change prices freely and adapt them to daily and weekly traffic conditions.

This is the second price reduction gasoline this year. It was the first for the New Year. From tomorrow, petrol will be 13% more expensive on regional roads than in the first two weeks of this year. Diesel fuel rose eight per cent in the same period.

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