The amendment to the law on pension and disability insurance states that social security contributions will not be required, and according to the amendment to the Personal Income Tax Act, the amount will not be included in the tax base for income from the relationships labor. The current system required a personal income tax to be calculated from the whole right, while social security contributions exceeded 70 per cent of the average salary.

Employers will determine the amount of entitlement paid to their employees independently within their capabilities, but in accordance with the Employment Relations Act, turning should not be lower than the minimum wage. Anyhow, a payment ranging from EUR 887, to the minimum wage, and to EUR 1723, is the average gross salary in Slovenia at the moment, so has to be excluded from & # 39 All contributions and payments will be accepted in full by the employees.

More favorable tax treatment, which employers must pay each year by no later than 1 July, will be eligible for this year. Whoever received a claim this year or received it before the introduction of legal changes, the contributions already paid and payment of personal income tax in advance will be returned. The tax authority will do this by special resolution, which will be published no later than 30 June.

Because Treasury tax is being treated more favorably, the Ministry of Finance expects that the state budget will be worth 90 million personal income tax, and the fall in social contributions collected is estimated to be 1.2 to 1.5. million euros a year.