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Four GPs from ZD Brežice resign in June

Four GPs from the ZD Brežice Clinic have been receiving terminations due to unsustainable systemic working conditions which do not allow safe and quality care for patients. The release date comes to an end at the end of August, but the managers have offered an extension until September 15. Cancellations are ready to withdraw when their requirements are met.

Cancel is the GP of the Healthcare Center (ZD) Brežice, which is ready to pull back if the attachments provide funding of two hundred percent on for the GP practice outpatient clinics, which reached 1895 beat and 1383 patients identified. Likewise, the terms of withdrawal require the termination of the call for work at the same time in several workshops at the same time, and the work is only once a week. afternoon.

"Despite the fact that we are aware of all the positive moves in ZD Brežice in the current leadership mandate, particularly the proactive employment of fresh family medicine specialists, our concern is in the form of daily burdens in our clinics and. Excessive numbers of patients identified in most of us are still going ahead, this distress lies mainly at systemic state level, " written.

Cancellations are ready to withdraw when their requirements are met.PHOTO: World

They require regulation of conditions where they can perform their work to patients in a safe and high quality manner. According to their estimates, the measures are also needed back "catastrophic decline in interest in general medicine among young doctors".

Appendix one to the overall arrangement setting the limit for the abolition of new patients in 1895 was assessed as header containers. "a positive sign and also the new Health Minister can achieve in a very short time. t"However, they noted that this only returns to doctors in the 2018 starting point.

Only with the equivalent content of the second annex and the possible changes to the legislation will the most burnt problems be possible, Brežice doctors wrote in a statement to the public.

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