Tuesday , March 2 2021

Elon Musk plans to move to Mars

SpaceX Founder (and many other companies) Elon Musk He repeatedly mentioned that he would go to Mars. Given all the statements made by Musk in recent years, it was not clear that he was thinking seriously. All the way to the interview for the documentary Axios on the HBO channel, when he explained that he Chance is 70 percent to go to Mars really.

He also revealed that recent progress has been made, making travel in space much easier. As he mentioned in the past, his journey will be one way, because he wants to move permanently to Mars.

Musk wants to move permanently to Mars.

It was asked if Mars wanted to convert it to a unique location to move the elite world, he said with a "no" decision. He says that the likelihood of death on Mars is much more than the likelihood of the Earth. The first inhabitants of the planet should work continuously to create the first "base", so there would not be a lot of time left for normal life or relaxation.

Even after building the first "foundation" in which people could live, living conditions would still be difficult. Therefore, the likelihood of death would remain high. At SpaceX they think people could come back from March, but they are not sure. According to this description, Mars does not appear exactly the richest destination for a luxurious life.

You're probably thinking about why anyone would want to go to Mars at all. Interconnector Elon Muska asked the same question in the interview, who replied he would leave without doubt, adding that this was like climbing to the high bricks. Dangerous, but people do it anyway.

In 2022, a rocket was supposed to present two ships of cargo to Mars.

For his optimism, there are most important reasons. At SpaceX's The Starship (formerly known as BFR), Musk has a lot of hope. In 2022, a rocket provided two cargo ships to Mars to serve as the first source of electricity and food. By 2024, the planet should have been ready for the first residents.

Otherwise, the Musk plans do not always follow the plans, but nevertheless we are convinced that Mars is only a matter of time.

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