Thursday , May 19 2022

Doncic fails to lose a record and loses pain, Dragic is experiencing Toronto #video power


Slovenia Luka Dončić bout basketball player against Texan against Houston lost at the NBA home court league (93:94). With 19 points, he was the first shooter of the competitors and finished the game with a record of 15 repetitions and nine help. Goran Dragic also suffered from a bitter defeat at home. Miami stayed blank against Toronto (104: 125), while a Ljubljana player scored 11 points.

Luke Doncic's impact on Houston: He reached 19 points for three 1/6, scored for two 4/10, free leaflets 8/9, 15 recovered, 9 auxiliary, 3 lost balls, 2 stolen balls, 2 blocks in 37 minutes and 16 seconds.

Young basketball pearl Luka Dončić in Houston's first half 58:54, he scored 13 conflicts in just 18 minutes, making sure he scored a new record for the number of jumps on his NBA appearances after the first part. In today's neighborhood count with Houston, it turns with two new triple beds.

Troika Doncic is inconceivable, which unfortunately did not count

When Houston's guests at the end of the first quarter asked for a minute break and the basketball players were slow against their benches, Dončić was throwing half and hit the basket for his sweetheart native followers Since the game was disrupted then, of course, it did not count.

In the competition, it was very bad in the first half Jalen Brunson, which has already reached 14 points, while the guests are the first NBA shooter James Harden against the 5/14 target of the game at 14 points. His team also scored so much Eric Gordon, but Harden is in trouble because he makes the fifth personal mistake at the beginning of the second half!

Dončić Powllu:

Goran Dragic Effect:

In the game against Toronto: 11 points, meet for three 1/3, throw for 3/5, throw for free 2/4, 4 couples, 3 assistants, 2 balls lost in 21 minutes.

Average this season: 15.1 points, 2.7 restatements, 4.2 assistants in 26.7 minutes.

Miami basketball players have lost a significant gap in the battle for the cities that lead to NBA players. After defeating Toronto, the only club as well as Milwaukee, who has already secured an exciting part, remains an eighth place, and fortunately they lose the nearest sequent. Orlando v Memphis, and Charlotte against the leading Milwaukee.

Highlights & duel in Miami:

Toronto came in the first club in the history of the NBA, which scored at least 20 points for three points against Miami in one game. In the American Airlines Center, where the Slovenian star is home Goran Dragić, scored as much as 21 out of 40 trials for three points.

In Miami, they saved the Troika Canada

Goran Dragić arrived 11, while Kyle Lowry scored 24 points.

Goran Dragić arrived 11, while Kyle Lowry scored 24 points.
Photo: Reuters

Canadians have a great achievement in Florida – they have also matched the largest number of jewelery in the club's history – it did not have the first star Kawhi Leonard, who lost this time, and tried his colleagues to compensate for his absence by throwing it behind the big line. This was successful because they hit more than half the troika.

Without Leonard, 19 games were played this season, and the ratio of victories and defeat is very positive (14: 5). Kyle Lowry, with 24 points, the first shooter of the game, he reached six titles (meeting 6/11), a former member of Olympias Danny Green pump (5/8), Patrick McCaw (3/3) a Norman Powell (3/5) added three.

With Miami, who led the race almost in the beginning almost (4: 2), he reached most points Bam Adebayo (19), Dwyane Wade inside Dion Waiters (both 15), while Dragić contributed 11 points in a bad 21 minutes with a 4/8 projection.

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