Wednesday , November 25 2020

Does Erjavec suggest leaving the coalition? ‘DeSUS always follows its ideology, and will follow that.’

DeSUS is slowly gaining popularity during a multi-day correspondence congress that began last Friday. This time, two are running for president: Karl Erjavec by Teflon and Felix Krope by Srečko. Erjavec is considered a favorite, who will obviously return to politics despite the promise that he will finally pull out of politics. On Monday, Erjavec is due to address a letter to all DeSUS party representatives, with a clear message in the letter: after congress, we must begin preparations for the parliamentary elections.

Before the upcoming DeSUS congress, the key question is what changes will happen on the political floor if the party is taken over again. Karl Erjavec: will the pensioner party leave the government or hint at early elections?

Erjavec is said to have taken quite a few clear positions in the letter, suggesting that DeSUS has always been and will always be a center-left party. To our knowledge, he is said to be very sharp about the party’s response or lack of response to certain topics, especially on ideological issues.Aleksandra Pivec in less than eight months of the presidency, he emphasized that ideology would not be discussed and that DeSUS was not an ideological party.

Will we really see Erjavec in government along with Janez Janša?PHOTO: Miro Majcen

As we have learned, Erjavec is supposed to emphasize the exact opposite in the letter: that DeSUS has always been and is following its ideology, that is, advocating public health and education, the welfare state and anti-fascism. Erjavec, who said in those last parliamentary elections in government Janez Janša he will no longer participate, he is said to be critical in the letter to Pivčeva, who only used the party for her own interests, but when it became serious, simply abandoned her.

DeSUS initiates a correspondence election congress

He is said to have described the change of leadership in the January congress as a mistake he does not want to see repeated. So, to our knowledge, Erjavec is seriously preparing to lead the party again, despite the fact that in January he said he was finally dropping out of politics and public life. In the letter, he also suggested that he could – as he did 15 years ago when they were in Janša’s government – consolidate and unite the party.

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