Sunday , August 14 2022

Cupra presents its first full independent model


As the pictures show, it will not be renamed and definitely reinforced aron, as you could expect, but it's formentor otherwise it's obviously a cross, but it also has a relatively low body with a roof coupe it's down towards the back, and the elements that it is close to are also five out hatchback. The ground floor distance is also relatively small.

Photo: MMC RTV SLO / Cupra

The interior is arranged at a fairly high level, as they say Copper, reflects the feelings of modernity and sport, and the unnecessary brand appendix. The driver and passengers sit in leather shell seats, the board raises the feeling of being mobile, the meters are digital, and & # 39 ; The screen stands out a large 10 inch screen Infotainment system. For a good look, additives in dark and dark crome are also brilliant.

Photo: MMC RTV SLO / Cupra

As mentioned already in the presentation, the pre-planted plant is also important Copper and move to Seattle for electrification. The associated hybrid drive circuit includes turbobencinski electric motor and engine with a 180 kilometer systemic strength, which is transferred to the wheels by gear gear DSG, while the smart adjustable chassis, the innovative steering wheel and the differential lock also contribute to good driving performance. The battery pack also allows you to drive full electricity up to a distance of 50 kilometers per circle WLTP.

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