Friday , January 22 2021

Crutchlow is furious as lynx: Rossi and Marquez would not be punished

If Marc Marquez made a convincing victory to ensure that the battle for the upper steps was not interesting, we also saw a number of exciting and controversial moments in the Argentine VN. The most obvious assertiveness is the punishment given to Cal Crutchlow, because he was too fast to drive from his starting point at the start of the race, although a slow shot showed he wasn't even has done so.

"I had to make this decision about the racist leadership because if I continued with the race and I wouldn't drag it to the box, they would show a flag They showed me every slow possible piece, where I obviously hunt the balance on a motorcycle They say, because of this, that I have t to advantage at the start of the race, but of course this is not true, " t racing after the race immediately Cal Crutchlowhowever, he eventually won 3 points for the thirteenth, although he had to slip through the box for punishment.

Cal Crutchlow cannot believe that the race leadership has been punished because of a quick start, although all recordings reveal that he did not make any mistakes.PHOTO: MotoGP

"Let me repeat it again, I didn't do anything from its place. It's funny because they have destroyed my race." If you look at the clip, you can see clearly that I didn't even leave clutches when the red lights turned off. racers like Mark, Valentinoinside Come on, penalties of such would never have been. My conviction is that every racer deserves the same respect as the race leadership. Of course, I don't want to blame other racers. For me, this decision is stupid, logical, and completely destroyed my race, " Crutchlow, who directed his anger against him, continued Freddie Spencer, which, of course, is president of the commission in motoGP championship.

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"I'm very disappointed with Spencer because I could see after seeing the videos I didn't do anything from. It might have been forgotten that we were no longer in 1980 when he was racing and then; It started too fast from its starting points through the time t finished Crutchlow, who failed to repeat last year's success in the second season of the season when he defeated the competition in Argentina.

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