Thursday , May 26 2022

Croatia crossed to Spain in the 93 minutes


Ljubljana – Which night for Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina football teams is the alliance of nations. In Spain, who lost Spain, in Vienna, Bosnia and Herzegovina confirmed the first place in the year B3 after being in the stadium Ernst Happel before "they played their supporters" (37,200 viewers) without goals.
Hero of the five-goal lecturer in Maksimir stadium was the 22-year-old defender of the first player in Germany Bayer of Leverkusen Tin Jedvaj. In the 17th game, he scored two goals, the first one for 2: 1, the second and the winner in the third minute of the judge's bonus. The champion of the world of Croatia has never been before, and Spain has beented a lot of opportunities.

REUTERS Tin Jedvaj confirmed that he could play a prominent role in the world championship team in the future. Photograph: Reuters

Croatia has kept its hopes of winning in the group, but it's still the last one, which would mean it has fallen to other teams of a high quality European team. Regarding the winner of the A4 group and who will be eliminated, Croatia or England, he will decide on a Sunday game at Wembley. Despite the second defeat, Spain will be the second or first, if the World Cup in Russia ends without a winner. For Croatia, the knot is too small to survive.

REUTERS Ante Rebic (left) caused Sergiu Ramosu's problems, which equaled Spain to 2: 2 points from a white point. Photograph: Reuters

A2 – Belgium: Iceland 2: 0 (Batshuayi 2); order: Belgium 9, Switzerland 6, Iceland 0.
– Croatia: Spain 3: 2 (Kramarić, Jedva 2; Ceballos, Ramos); order: Spain 6, England and Croatia after 6.
B3 – Austria: BiH 0: 0; order: BiH 10, Austria 4, Ireland 0.
C2 – Greece: Finland 1: 0 (Granlund AUT.), Hungary: Estonia 2: 0 (Orban, Szalai); order: Finland 12, Greece 9, Hungary 7, Estonia 1.
D1 – Kazakhstan: Lithuania 1: 1 (Sujumbai, Rakels), Andorra: Georgia 1: 1 (Martinez; Chaketvadze); order: Georgia 13, Kazakhstan 6, Latvia and Andorra after 3
D2 – Luxembourg: Belarus 0: 2 (Dragoon 2), San Marino: Moldova 0: 1 (Damascan); order: Belarus 11, Luxembourg 9, Moldova 8, San Marino 0.

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