Monday , January 17 2022

Candidate chose the candidates for the European Championship


The Slovenia women's handball team is waiting for a European Championship in France at the end of the month. Selector Uros Clagar has announced a list of 20 football players who will fight for a large competition, which will include 16 Slovene actors.
There is a species chosen by Bregar today in Laško, where they will prepare for the next ten days, and then move to Zreče for the final part of the training.

In the group of women in Nancy, Montenegro stays first (November 30th), followed by a duel with France (2 December) and Russia two days later. In the second part of the competition, three best teams of each group will be listed.

The list includes: Doctors Amra Pandzic, The Maja Vojović (both Crimea Mercator) a Branka Zec (Bayer Leverkusen), bone actresses Ines Amon, The Polich Barich, The Tamara Mavsar (all Crimean Mercator), Blowing of Life (Krka) a Jasmin Pišek (Z & # 39; Dežele), external actresses Ana Abina, The Tjaša Stanko, The Hana Vučko, The Nina Zulic, The Nina Žabjek (all Crimean Mercator), Nives Ahlin, The Read Krajnc (both Zagorje), Teja Ferfolja (Roman), Ana Gros (Brest), Eleonora Kodele (Z & # 39; Dežele) and cyclical attackers Thai Thai (Mlinotest Ajdovščina) a Lina Krhlikar (Göpppingen).

The team will be led by captain Ana Gros at the top of the season in France (on a ball shot). Photograph: Uros Hočevar / Delo

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