Tuesday , January 19 2021

Burn at the base of Spar shopping center in Kranj


According to Kranj police information, fire site activities have been completed. According to the latest information, it was burned in the electrical installation room. No one was injured in the fire. They have already banned the foreign blame.

O 24UR: Firefighters were full of fires

Fire shop in the Spar in Kranj

According to information from Kranj police officers, it was burned at the Spar shopping center base in Kranj, more precisely in the area with electrical installations.

Emergency services have finished activities on the fire site. Due to the fire, the facility had to leave. The foreign blame for the fire was excluded because it was a technical mistake.

12 Carniolan firefighters broke up and 31 volunteer firefighters from three societies. An overview of the property was also carried out as part of the fire fighting intervention.

Today, it's growing at the base of Spar shopping center in Kranj.Photograph: Reader

The fire man has already managed to turn off the fireman.Photograph: Reader

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