Tuesday , October 22 2019
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better, faster and less "cowboy"

Google announced the release of its new Glasses, t Glass Enterprise Edition 2. Just like the previous edition of the Eyewear model, the new has been specifically designed for business use and / industrial use more precisely. According to Google data, Glasses new glasses are faster and are powered by Qualcomm XR1 Snapdragon processor, it's designed specifically for VR and AR technology and products that are binding; these two technologies. However, Google Glass could say it is more of a "complementary reality" – they act as a "heads-up" screen, where the image is projected on the user's eye rather than an example of a device where the image is projected to the real world.

Smart Edition Enterprise Edition has 2 more powerful batteries, thanks to the partnership with Smith Optics, the overall appearance of the glasses is more "normal" and less "cotton", since hats now have more finished frames. The glasses can boast in a better camera, and Android also powered them. Google has added support for Android Managing Mobile Devices Enterprise ".

Although you will be surprised to read about the new glasses of Google Glass in 2019, the advent of the model Enterprise Issue 2 this was not the only thing that was shocked. You probably remember the original glasses of Google Glass, which most of them claimed to have a blank shot in an empty and large headache for Google, in terms of the privacy and data protection issues. That's why it is Google which quickly decided to focus on intelligent business users in industry.

Google even says it has moved its Glass team from the Google X Department to the core of the company, which only shows how serious Google began to develop Google Glass products. However, we cannot expect any commercial version intended for retail. Enterprise Edition 2 costs $ 999, well below the original price of Google Glass Glass, which cost $ 1.500. Companies' interest in new glasses should be quite large, as many believe they would be able to take advantage of inferior working processes.

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