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AUDIT INTERVIEW: With Asla & # 39; sincerely for Ferhat, short hair and depression


After recording the Lepotica and the beast series, Birce Akalay raised a huge load because of a marked change in sight. We talked to a Turkish cute actor in Istanbul, where he gave us the real reason for his short hair styles, talking about his Ibrahim friend, as well as tattoos and little pets.

Slovenian viewers and viewers have loved Birca Akalay due to the role of a gentle and romantic Asli Doctor.PHOTO: POP TV

At the beginning of a careerBirce Akalay She never dreamed of being an actress, but her heart is herIt was an art – ballet. She had to stop a ball after injury to the knee. She devoted to the game, which was another love soon.

When he played Asla's role in the series Beauty and animal(Thein the original Siyah Beyaz Aşk), this came to world fame. At first glance, it was very unusual but at the same time, there was a strong love of play between the doctor of Asli and the Ferhat slaughter, quickly a place in the hearts of fans of romantic Turkish stories.

At the age of 17, the tattoo was given to Birca for the first time.PHOTO: POP TV

Supporters found the excellent gemstone series between Birca and his teammate on TV screens Ibrahim Celikkolom, which is responsible for the success of the series with a convincing match of unusual love couple. But as the actor has claimed to us, it's very important to catch up with team friends. And with Ibrahim, the game came fast there.

& # 39; & # 39;Usually, I usually had scenes with Ibrahim at all times. It's funny, shooting at all. We were together, with each other … we were a good team. He was always joked with me and especially during the scene when they shot. I know he likes it. The most funny person on the set was Ibrahim,& # 39; & # 39; In conversation, we recognize the Birce 34 years, which viewers and viewers of the series Beauty and animal used with long hair.

A 34-year-old actor Birce Akalya came to an agreed interview despite serious muscle stroke as a real professional.PHOTO: Alma Rahne

In May last year, the famous saw a significant change in mind, which is reported by Turkish media today. At the interview, she told us she had decided to change such a thing because she was convinced she would have a one-year break of shooting. The next or last role of Alev in the series There's a Anne AnneIt became completely unexpected.

& # 39; & # 39;Media is still talking about my short hair … why did we do it, or I'm very low … all the time, but I'm fine. That was my decision. And I love my short hairsty work, & # 39; & # 39; which, according to ones, is a perfect fit. Most women in Turkey have long hair, because long hair is a sign of virility. Just like short hair there is a sign of masculine and order for men, so any interference of this socially is very critical.

Birce Akalay is a big tattoo fan and he has nine.PHOTO: POP TV

Beautiful and beautiful Birce is also a great tattoo artist. She was able to do it at 17, but now she has nine. Among other things, she recognized that tattoos did not affect her career and she had never had the problem of having a role playing because they were hiding.

In a video interview, among other things, look at what he told us about his pets, who, believing, is not a bit, and is the relationship of Asli and Ferhat's love in a series Beauty and animal, even possible in real life.

Did you know that one episode of the Turkish series is 160 and 170 minutes long, as much as one movie. So, the shooter for the players is harder, as they have to hold the episode in five, six days. Of course, a lot of hard work is needed, so they sometimes have to shoot 16, 18 hours a day, and the series will be played in Turkey once a week. Do not miss the latest chapters of the hit Beauty and animal. Chapters lost wait for you on VOYO.

Do not miss the final episodes of the Beauty of the Beast and the Beast.PHOTO: POP TV

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