Tuesday , May 24 2022

Apple due to slowing old phones to $ 113 million @ Slo-Tech


Slo-Tech – When the relationship with the batteries in iPhones began three years ago, Apple hasn’t gone unnoticed for a long time. They quickly confirmed that they were really deliberately slowing down their performance on older phones because this protects the performance of the phone as the released processor battery cannot run at maximum clock speed and so on. Apple is also surprisingly cheaper to replace the battery because of this. But Apple together cost hundreds of millions of dollars; this week they pledged another $ 113 million in the last settlement.

Apple’s position is understandable, but it was completely hidden improperly. Phone owners couldn’t check how worn out their battery was to know when it would make sense to replace it. In fact, they couldn’t even know that this would affect anything other than the phone’s autonomy in any way, because there was nowhere even a hint that the phone would slow down with a bad battery and then miraculously come to life if replaced.

Apple has filed a lawsuit against the company filed by 34 state prosecutors from as many U.S. states to settle $ 113 million. The classic settlement clause is also the fact that they do not admit irregularities or break the law. The largest piece of the cake will go to Arizona, at $ 5 million, and the rest will be split equally by the rest of the state. Apple still insists that they did nothing wrong, and that settlement is the cheapest solution to the legal dilemma. But the truth is, Apple has denied for years that it would artificially slow down its devices by releasing new ones. Also, the 2017 reveal of Apple didn’t come, but it was discovered by independent researchers, and then Apple had to confirm it a week later. Apple later allowed the feature to be turned off and viewed the activity.

This is not the only lawsuit Apple has received for the same move. Already in March of this year, a second lawsuit in the amount of $ 500 million was settled, the lion’s share of which went to phone owners (from the US). By the end of October, they had to file a $ 25 compensation claim. These were the iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 6S, 6S Plus and SE with iOS 12.2.1 or later and the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus with 11.2 or later, sold by December 21, 2017. Legal proceedings have also been filed in other countries where fines are imposed.

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