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Also about the cuts in the anti-crown kit


In a talk on TV Slovenia, opposition leaders LMŠ, SD, SAB and Levica criticized the communication between the government and Prime Minister Janez Janša, which they believe is detrimental in tackling the epidemic.

Šarec, Fajonova, Mesec and Bratuškova also touched on measures to prevent the spread of the covida-19 epidemic and the situation in homes for the elderly. Šarec pointed out that Janša had identified as problematic infections those from the Zrče Croatian, while the problems were actually in homes for the elderly. “The population should be protected there,” he said.

According to Bratuškova, they themselves probably would not have taken significantly different measures to curb the epidemic. However, it cannot agree with the home elder guidance that infected non-symptomatic health workers may also work there.

The month, however, believes the second wave of such a serious epidemic occurred because the government did nothing in healthcare or homes all summer, but rescued former DeSUS president Aleksandra Pivec and replaced the Office’s directors National Investigation.

Sub-cuts in anti-corona measures

They were also critical of some measures taken to mitigate the effects of the corona crisis. According to Bratuškova, Janša or his government chose certain categories of people left unaided. The Cultists are a group that, according to the government, does not deserve help, and the sixth anti-crown package will not solve this, she is convinced.

Fajon highlighted that the government, instead of helping cultural figures or non-governmental organizations, has set up a museum of independence in the sixth anti-crown package, for which three million euros are planned. “There are a few such cuts in the anti-crown package,” he added.

Janez Janša


“Janša kidnapped the country, and it is our duty to return them to the citizens.”

Slips in foreign policy

They commented on some of Jansa’s foreign policy moves, such as tweeting the US election and a recent letter sent by the prime minister to EU leaders calling for a return to the July agreement on a financial framework to tackle the epidemic .

Fajon, also an MEP, said she was receiving a series of calls from fellow diplomats about “what’s happening with our politics”. Even the German conservative media treats Janša’s position as a Slovenian site, and our country ended up among the problematic countries of Europe. He emphasized that the rule of law is nothing new, but that it is enshrined in the Lisbon Treaty and underpins the EU.

According to Bratuškova, with such moves Slovenia is losing the opportunities it could be offered in the EU presidency next year. Šarec assesses in the same way. “The tweet is related to Orban. It’s the original, and Janša wants to be a bad copy and a slave to it.” he adds.

They also talked about the possibility of constructive distrust, which the potential prime ministerial candidate Jože P. Damijan announced he would soon file. Bratuškova and Šarec emphasized the programmatic coherence of the four opposition parties, while Fajonova believes that among those on the other side today, there are plenty who want to be involved in the implementation of program priorities.

Janez Janša



Kovač: “If I was paranoid, I’d say Janša is doing this consciously”

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