Thursday , May 26 2022

Again, the Chinese surprised everyone with the Oppo F11 Pro phone


Oppo F11 Pro is the perfect choice for digital photography lovers.Oppo F11 Pro is the perfect choice for digital photography lovers.

China's smartphone producers are increasingly impressive by advanced companies with innovative products, often better than original ones, and at the same time much cheaper. Among them, Oppo is particularly noticeable recently, as Android has already introduced a number of mobile phones, which exceeds competition on the whole line. Of course, here we, of course, have also introduced in mind recently smartphone Oppo F11 Pro, which also has plenty of powerful hardware for more difficult tasks, while also writing on the skin with digital photography.

Oppo engineers have a mobile phone F11 Pro with a 48 megapixel digital camera, and also has a five million pixel pixel resolution image sensor. A 16 megapixel skipping camera is available to capture seeds and video conferencing. This is also the reason why we can enjoy a screen scene with no other gaps, holes and "thrust", which of course gives us a much better user experience.

As mentioned previously, the new Oppo F11 Pro will not even drop down the most difficult tasks, since it has the powerful MediaTek Hello P70, up to six gigabytes of system memory and up to 128 gigabytes of space to store built-in data. Watching movie clips, documents and playing mobile games will be a real pleasure for the newcomer, because the screen shows a 16.5-inch or 6.5-inch translucent solution and FHD +. Sufficient long-term independence for the entrants provides a battery capacity of 4000 milliamper hours, which naturally supports rapid charging technology. It completes an Android 9.0 Pie Android mobile operating system, which was "embedded" into the OS Color OpO operating system to improve performance.

The smartphone Oppo F11 Pro is not expected to be too expensive, but it is currently sold in China and India. For the most powerful newer version, sellers have to be deducted only € 315 has been converted, which is a fraction of the price only compared to flying horses manufacturers famous, because their prices are even more than 1,000 euros.

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