Thursday , January 20 2022

About two-thirds of women may be infertile for some time, perhaps permanently, after vaccination


One of the most recognized and well-known Slovenian gynecologists, dr. Stanko Pušenjak sharing with her friends on facebook something that will surely instill fear in every woman’s bones.

One of his online friends asked him if the information he came across in an interview with an Oxford developer of the covid 19 vaccine was true, that the vaccine would sterilize 70 percent of the population. The Slovenian expert’s answer surprised her as he confirmed the teacher’s words Johna Bella.

His record is published in full:

»There is not much to comment on, as everything is clearly stated. Vaccines in about 2/3 of cases (70%) cause the formation of antibodies against the Sars-cov-2 virus surface protein, which is very similar or identical to the syncytin-1 protein, which important in fertility and in the fetal placenta, meaning that the immune system will be able to attack its own structures in the ovary in the woman and the fetal placenta, which are important for survival the species. That is, about 2/3 of women may be infertile for at least some time, perhaps permanently, after vaccination. The theory alone should be that it is possible to turn all traffic lights red, and unfortunately such results could only be determined after a few years. Ignoring this possibility at least because of the conflicts of interest of developers and sellers of vaccines against Sars-cov-2, I hope no more. As this is information that is not supported by the leading media or the profession and nothing is even discussed among starters, it is impossible to check which of these is true, but if no one clearly denies it, the problem is big enough that it’s worth considering. this vaccination is the largest experiment on humanity to date and the official profession is participating in it on a global level as it was once 80 years ago in III. Reich was involved in medicine with the routine. But those were experiments on just 100,000 people, this time it’s an experiment on humanity.«

The answer was followed by the question of whether antibodies formed after infection are also susceptible to this, or is it just the specificity of the vaccine or antibodies formed after vaccination. Pušenjak replied that he did not know, adding that rare reports of individuals who fell ill twice point to the same problem because the course of another disease is often more difficult.

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