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Zlatan Ibrahimovic is open: The Premier League has overstated


Premier League of the best league in the world? According to the star attacker, Zlatan Ibrahimovic in any case overstated.

The Swedish cannon has tried the top English competition on its own skin in 2016 when he was 35 from Paris to St Louis. Germain to Manchester United. In the "Red Devils" he enjoyed the English League Cup, which also won the second most prestigious European football cup competition, the European League.

"Before I arrived in England I had a wealthy career, I spent a lot of time in different countries, different clubs. People told me, You do not have to go to England, because if you're fake there , they will say that you were not good enough. Everybody was against. Imagine, that was my very motivation. It was given me by adrenalin, "said 37 -mennies Ibrahimovic at the interview for FourFourTwo.

Zlatan Ibrahimovič
Zlatan Ibrahimovič joins a goal in the city's rival network – Manchestru City (photo: TASR)

But Ibrahimovich was simply trying to prove his critics that he had: "I liked the Premier League very much, it was very stimulating and exciting. The competition is being watched, it gets a lot of attention, though I am I think that the quality is a bit overcrowded, I mean, in particular, the quality of the individual, the technical part. But the rhythm is very high. Even if you do the best, but You can not keep it at great speed and rhythm, you will not succeed. "

Unmarked coat shot for United 29 goals in 53 games and harsh injuries to the knee, probably more accurately, would not reach much more. "I'm very happy to be part of United, here's the right club. I've been through this incredible moment, I have beautiful memories. I'm back with & # 39; this team forever, " he said Ibrahimovic, also taken by fans: "They are incredible. Everywhere I was, I saw red jerseys, which was great. I'll take it as a very important moment in my career." In March 2018, Steward Steward's Steps to the MLS Overseas joined Los Angeles Galaxy.

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Of course, Ibrahimovich would not have done this if he had not finished the conversation: "You're fortunate that I did not go here for England ten years ago. Imagine that what I've done here in the 35's would have happened in 25 years, then & # 39; n a completely different story. When I came here, people said we were in a wheelchair. The Premier League was involved with me, but finally, I sat down on the car. That's what I did. "

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