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Zdeno Chara will be ready for the playoff finals, feeling anxious in the auditorium


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Boston Ice Hockey Bruins Slovakia Captain Zdeno Chára joined the training process a few days before the NHL series re-played abroad.

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Although he was skating on ice during the weekend, a full load on Monday did. After hatching three hours, he said he felt good.

For a more indefinite injury, Zdeno Chára was missing in the Carolina ice hockey game (4: 0) on Thursday, which made Boston ice hockey players last to the final of the Stanley Cup playoffs. The title series will begin on 27 May, with the "bears" in San Jose or St. Joseph's. Jose. Louis.

"I'm not going to lie down, watching games from the perspective is difficult for me. It's not so much fun at all. You want to play them, you want to join them. I could come in, I felt nervous, but the boys did a great job, ” t The legendary defender announced 42-year-old from the Bruins, Zdeno Châra.

Zdeno Chra played 16 of 17 games in this year's playoff for Boston. In the final round of the Eastern Conference Final, Caroline, Caroline spent the first time since April 16, 2011, and the Boston-Montreal Eastern Conference Quarterly meeting in the Bruins shirt.

This NHL “iron man” team has interrupted a series of 98 playoffs played, with a total of 17 characters and 48 helping in NHL 175 career. In 2019 playoffs, Zdeno Chára scored 3 points for 1 goal and 2 assist as well as 11 points and more.



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