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Yes. JAWA returns in a great style. Here are new machines! – Motorcycles – Auto

Czech celebrity brand brand launches new future. In India, he introduced three new retromotors. And they look incredible. Whether they reach Europe, it is not.

The new Jawa 300 looks like original ...

The new 300 Jawa appear to fall out of the eye
Original "whale", produced between 1953 and 1974. Only cooler
suggests that the technique is new.
Author: Jawa

Jawa's motorcycle production reports have been in India for three years.
And now, the design created by India Mahindra,
owner of Jawa's branding rights. It is not a coincidence.
Jaws was made in India in the 1950s and 1960s
century. This production was later followed by licensed Indian motorcycles
Yezdi, the date of the lines was there until 1996. So Jawa is
in India, a well-known motorcycle player.

The four-stroke single cylinder with DOHC ...

Un-duct four strokes with distribution
The DOHC has a power output of 20.4 kW and a torque of 28 Nm. It works with 6 degrees
Author: Jawa

That's going to be hard, the recent major performance of the new liter one has suggested
engine. Its retrospective, as if it had left the eye with the original
At the same time, 50 years confirmed that the scheme is unique production
machines in postgraduate fashion. And now we already know them. Mahindra,
more specifically her Classic Legends girl, she introduced three
new products. You could barely know them on the street of iconic ones
"Slippages" from 1953 to 1974.

All details are similar to the original Czech. Including ...

All detail is a reminder of Czech
original. Including speed in small bonfire.
Author: Jawa

However, known shapes hiding a much more modern technique. Jawa has 300
DOHC 4-stroke single-cylinder machine with a capacity of 293 cubic meters
centimeters and 20.4 kW power. The 28mm torch is 6 speeds
transmitted and sent to the rear wheel through a classic chain. ar
The new engine was even used by Italian designers, ultimately, Mahindra
owns a Pininfarina Studio. Unlike "whims", however
water cooled, so that more cooler is added to the partial cradle frame.

What makes the jawa 300 differs from the original ...

What is the # 300 is the biggest?
of the original is cooler on the cradle frame.
Author: Jawa

Jawa has 300 wheelchairs 1 369 mm and uses tires 90/90 R18
respectively 120/80 R17 on the back cover. The whole machine weighs 170 kg and the marker
seated at a height of 765 mm. Streaming is provided for hydraulic units.
The brake system uses a front disk brake with a diameter of 280 mm a
back drum breeze The ABS anti-lock system is also absent. Customers will
It will be able to choose from three color versions – bordeaux, black
and gray.

There will also be forty images with ...

Forty will will also be available
even more original design and offer a specific color.


In addition to the baseline version, the Forty Two is still available
more authentic design. For example, a separate front reflector a
Small hedgehog behind the look at the end of the handlebar. It will be specific
It also offers six colors of varnish including belasy. Later, the model will be added
But with a more powerful machine, its volume will grow to 334 ccm. He will have it
A different back hang hanging with a popular bobber.

The production is provided by Mahindra Pithampur in Madhya Pradesh.
The company already accepts the first orders. The open question, however,
will the new Jaws also reach Europe. The answer is to provide
Completed planned exams soon. Czech Classic Producer
Jawa Moto's motorcycle from Týnec nad Sázavou has become famous in the world
ten-stroke two-strokes, which it is exported to selected markets again

In addition, he produces Jawy 350 four more modern legs and Jawy 660,
with Chinese machines that are also available on the domestic market. Last year she did
Jawa had 1,331 motorcycles, eight per cent more than in the year
2016. From which 1,157 went abroad. The tag is still in use
the company Jawa Divišov, which is about speedway manufacturing

Jawa 300
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