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What do seductive mermaid teachers and drunken school teachers have in common?

Because Berlin, Venice and Cannes are not only the acronym that makes up the show’s name, but also a quality European cinema. Tune in from 23 to 29 November on Edisonline.sk and get free access to the service, which currently offers around 250 movies.

To drink or not to drink?  - Booze 2photos in the gallery

While working on this project, the Danish director once again reunited with screenwriter Thomas Lindholm and world-renowned actor Mads Mikkelsen, with whom he also worked on the popular film Hon. The fact that this connection is a guarantee of quality is also evident in the film’s first awards. She won the Cannes Label from the Cannes Film Festival based on her official choice, and the Silver Shell for Best Actor at the San Sebastián Festival. The award went to all the film’s top producers. They are: Mads Mikkelsen, Thomas Bo Larsen, Magnus Millang and Lars Ranthe. In addition, the film is an Oscar nominee from Denmark and is competing for a European Film Award.

There is a theory that we are born with a small amount of alcohol in the blood and a small understatement opens our minds to the world around us, reduces our problems and increases creativity. Encouraged by this theory, Martin and his three friends, tired high school teachers, embark on an experiment to maintain a consistent level during the working day. If Churchill were to win World War II in an alcoholic congestion, what could a few drops mean for them and their students?

Kinema portal’s film guru and editor-in-chief, Peter Konečný, evaluates the film Chlast as follows: “This interesting theme is definitely one of the most amazing I have seen this year. Not just in screenwriting, but also in casting. You will absolutely enjoy it here!” Find out more in the video.

In addition, viewers can look forward to a discussion about this film Roundtable with Michal Havran. On Wednesday, November 25, he will talk to his guests about alcoholism. Why is it a socially accepted drug, even though we all know its negative effects on personal or professional life. The discussion will take the form of a live stream on the @ Be2Can Facebook page.

Rusalka, who takes your breath away - Undine2photos in the gallery

This is a new film by director Christian Petzold in the original title Undressing. The film refers to an old German myth about the aquatic creature Undine, known in our region as a mermaid. This mermaid will take your breath away, much like the judges at the last Berlinale, where she won the award for best actress for Paula Beer. Just like a movie Booze aj Undressing nominated for Best European Film Award.

Undine is an historian who lectures on urban construction in Berlin. However, when the man she loves leaves her, an old legend catches up with her. She must kill the man who betrayed her and return to the water. Unexpectedly, he meets a professional diver Christoph and falls in love with him. It is a new love, happy and pure, filled with curiosity and trust. But when Christoph begins to feel that Undine is escaping something, he forces her to face her curse once and for all.

Theorist and film critic Martin Ciel commented on the film as follows: “It’s a bizarre film that uses surreal monologue humor. And it refers to the old German myth, in such a way that the viewer, who is unfamiliar with the context, has the opportunity to interpret it as a psychodrama, a romantic drama or a psychological thriller. If you can guess how it will end, congratulations. “ Find out more in the video.

In connection with the film Undine by Christin Petzold, there will be a discussion on Tuesday, November 23, entitled City and filmprepared by Film Europe in association with the Bratislava Metropolitan Institute. Its theme will be iconic buildings that create the atmosphere of cities. Her guests will talk about the questions: Why did they fall so much, and why do we have to revive some? The discussion will take the form of a live stream on the @ Be2Can Facebook page. Her guests will be Matúš Vallo, Mayor of Bratislava; Silvia Hroncová, restoring the Old School in Kokava nad Rimavicou; Vít Halada from the Department of Architectural Creation and Gábor Bindics, who enlivens public spaces and monuments such as the Grössling Spa, Old Market Square, and leads the Living Square project. The discussion is moderated by Milota Sidorová, urban planner and director of MIB’s participatory planning office.

Edisonline.sk is the festival’s first online video library offering a monthly subscription for the price of one cinema ticket. The interested party can purchase individual days or the entire Be2Can 2020 festival. It copies the classic festival action and presents the films at a specific day and time. When you buy a one-day package, you get access to two screenings of the premiere title and one screening of a guaranteed good movie from previous years. As a benefit, the applicant receives free access to the Edisonline service. In addition to festival titles, it can currently watch more than 250 films in the service, and can also watch 2 unique TV Europe Film Channel and Film Europe + TV channels.

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