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We know the exact analysis of the 2019 World Hockey Championships


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Russian hockey players in the 83rd World Championship will meet in Bratislava with the USA. As winners of the B group, they would play for 20.15 in the fourth theme in the fourth group in Košice.

At 16.15, the Czechs will play with Germany, because as the second in the "B" they stay in the main scene of the championship. Germany came third in the east of the country.

The Swedish, as the title defenders, will come across Finland, Košice A's second team, and so one of the two finalists from Bratislava will fall out of battle the medal.

The second quarter in Košice is won by Canada and the victorious Swiss, who will come from Bratislava as the fourth team of the table. The exact timing defined the directorate directorate's direct session.

Leading the tournament on the first day it was decided to change the semi-finals on Saturday, the promotion team of the first class would meet the lowest and the other pair with; to each other. It is not possible to determine the spider in advance, the key is derived from the location in the basic group, the number of points accumulated, the score, the number of goals scored, and the situation in the pre-IIHF championship site, respectively.

Quarterfinal, Thursday, 23 May:

16:15: Czech Republic – Germany (Bratislava), Canada – Switzerland (Košice)

20:15: Russia – USA (Bratislava), Finland – Sweden (Košice)



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