Monday , January 25 2021

We distribute 100 CAT car equipment gifts for a TECHBOX subscription!

Order the TECHBOX annual subscription (4 number + post) at a price of € 16 and get a free gift, CAT unique car package package.

You are interested in subscription to unique technology TECHBOX magazine? The first 100 of you who subscribe to an annual subscription can now get a free gift, a CAT unique car package package.

Car CAT Kit car package includes holder. Power string ac Charger CAT. The Universal Cat Holder with a mount mount grille is suitable for any mobile phone with a width of 58-85 mm. The advantage is a modern, low look, which does not disturb the car design.

The smartphone in the CAT holder keeps you tight and you can use it in height or width. You can always find the correct location thanks to a flexible location for car ventilation pools.

The power cord supplied USB / USB USB connectors is capable of being used with a wide portfolio of mobile phones. Advantage is the material that means that the cable can not be moved and will always be ready to introduce a power to your mobile phone.

The CAT charger is designed for a 12V car socket with two USB sockets with a 1 A / 2,1A charging at the moment. You can also pick up other devices, such as tablets, in addition to the smartphone.

The TECHBOX magazine, you get a car CAT package, comes out for 14 years. Suspects content of high quality professional content, attractive graphic processing and unique OffsetPrint UV printing technology.

At TECHBOX you will always find interesting interviews, great themes, reports, lifestyle, news and product tests. It simply reads that you always want to come back to it.

The TECHBOX magazine takes you quarterly with at least 164 pages! In fact, a huge "techbook" is full of good reading, weighing more than 600 grams. Proposed closing date for next issue Jar TECHBOX 2019 is 25.3.2019.

If you subscribe to the TECHBOX magazine (4 number + post) at a price of € 16, the first 100 subscribers will receive a donation – in practice CAT CAR Pack to subscribe for free.


After submitting your order by using the above form and paying your subscription, we will send you the 4 nearest TECHBOX statements. We will send you a gift for a CAR CAT CAT subscription within 30 days to pay a prepayment fee to your account. The gift will be sent to the delivery address specified in the order. The auction is valid from February 4, 2019 until the list counts (100 pieces of CAR CAT package).

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