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Volkswagen wants to create a new electric car in Bratislava. Because of cheap labor


A new electric car will be produced in Bratislava. Source: TASR / AP

BRATISLAVA – Volkswagen plans to produce a new small electric car. Its price should be significantly lower than other prices. And that's what forced the group to change its plans. Instead of Emden, Germany, the new car should be produced in Bratislava.

Volkswagen in Germany wants to produce a new model of a small electric car in Central Europe due to lower costs. According to the original plans it was supposed to be assembled in Emden. A few days ago, the board of directors of the car company came to the conclusion that the factory in Bratislava would probably take over the production of the car. The information came from the German Handelsblatt. This was also confirmed by well-informed groups of concern.

The new concept of electric cars is intended for low income families. The price is important for the success of a car of this kind. The group plans to be less than 20,000 euros. The small vehicle will be about Polo size and the first should come from production lines in 2023. The new project name is "MEB access". 200,000 vehicles should be produced each year.

The production in Emden would be economically insurmountable given the proposed selling price of 20,000 euros and the high labor costs in Germany, the report said. Instead, a plant in the German city would take over production of SUW VW Tiguan electric compact. Originally it was supposed to come off the production lines of the Zwickau factory in Saxony, but again it was busy producing another electric car model.

An electric car e-mail is already being produced in Bratislava. FOTO TASR / Pavel Neubauer went to Volkswagen in Bratislava too. His spokesman Lucia Kovarovic Makay said he did not comment on speculation of this kind. “As we know, the Slovakian Volkswagen factory in Bratislava is currently applying for new products to secure future jobs. A new vehicle production project assignment will be determined during the planning committee, which will take place at the end of the year. ” He added that pure electric vehicles (e-up Volkswagen!) Had been produced since 2013 in the Bratislava factory.

It wants to invest 30 billion euros

Volkswagen wants to invest up to € 30 billion in electromobility by 2023. Electrification of cars could lead to an increase in the number of jobs in the short term, but thousands of people would lose their jobs in the long term, according to experts. According to the German Labor Market and Labor Market Research (IAB), nearly 114,000 jobs will be lost, despite the fact that the proportion of electric vehicles should increase to 23 per cent by 2035.

This loss of employment will not be related to low skill labor. According to the IAB, many more qualified workers, experts and even experts will come to work.



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