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Video: S. Martaus brings the Note of Common Things novel


On the picture Sima Martaus Photo: Sima Martaus archive

Bratislava, November 12 (TASR) – The singer and composer Sima Martaus have a novel in the form of the "Chaos of ordinary things" song. It's about the people who have influenced her and who have a special charm for her. She has already clipped a video clip too.

"This song was created after a few days in my head as if I could play a video clip and I would remember some people that I met in my life and left some from it, so they are ordinary people who have an unusual charm for me. It's about the beautiful things and moments, which are the most beautiful for me, " he told Martaus.

"What is interesting to me about this song is that saxophone is also played by a saxophone, my friend, Michal Žáček, so I felt a bit like the duet and myself, " the singer adds.

She has already clipped a video clip. "In the clip, I'm going to address the people I wrote about it, and even when I composed it, I got the idea that I would love it if the people in the video they are real people who talk about. Almost all, there's only one possible exemption when we came to a seconder, " Martaus added.

Under the name of the Commonwealth Series, the singer hosts three Christmas concerts, the first 3rd December in Bratislava, December 10 in Košice and December 18 in Žilina.

Source: Teraz.sk, TASR news portal

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