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VIDEO: María Čírová is a new 30th birthday "The Perfect World"


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Mária Čírová's popular singer celebrates her birthday today (November 20), but she has prepared a gift for fans in the form of a new video clip. As she snores, she was shot last summer, but she deferred deferral of this special occasion. Video with a magical atmosphere is also an invitation to a birthday concert.

There are several reasons why María Čírová It is considered that 2018 are the pins of its current career. I started with profits OTO in the Singer of the Year category, he continued with a successful collaboration with Ben Cristo tracking the title Backstage Padam, which has become a great hit in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, and the end of the year is also in a great style – Gala Concert 3 Once and only María Čírová, which is already on Saturday November 24 to celebrate 10 years on the music and also to celebrate their 30th anniversary.

The concert was originally organized in Bratislava Istropolice on the Trnavsky hole. However, the tickets were sold fast, so the double celebration eventually moved to the Incheba Expo Arena. His band, string orchestra, choir, singer and singer will accompany Mary during the evening. With each other, there are up to 40 performers on stage. The concert is divided into three thematic parts – folk, gospel and pop, which will transform a whole career by Mary as a whole. Galaconcer tickets are for sale in the net

Another one of Unicato

During the concert, a song will also be heard Dthe overwhelming world, released on the last studio album # 2017. The song is part of the couple Misa Gwyn ac Samuel Kovács, who has also signed under the megachite unique. The words from Chírová's song have an important message that she has decided to put her in the lead at her life and career jubilee. "The perfect world tells how time is coming, and we should not forget about it. I think it's good to have a goal of going ahead – then there's never a man just in life, "explains Mary.

As it adds, video clip The perfect world She intended to give her up earlier – I was shot last summer. For the number of duties that were attached to the release of the album and the duet following Ben Cristo, however, he decided to defer the deferral of release of the video and leave it as a birthday gift. "Everything is in the way it should be. The video link matches perfectly with private jubilee and current business, and it fits perfectly to the autumn atmosphere -wash these days. "

Visual three generations

The video clip portrays the life that disappears from the three generations that they make María Čírová, her daughter Zoe and Hungarian Slovak actors María Kráľovičová, Who, with an active lifestyle, even older, perfectly stimulates the words of the song. "I am very honored that Mrs Kráľovičová has received my invitation, he is a very inspiring person for me, it is interesting to me as she lives through life, her life is rich and full of experiences , full of beautiful touches. I will never forget the moment when Ms Kráľovičová reported the horse on the balloon Sládkovič Marína, "remembers Maria for shooting last year.

The horse in the cliff incorporates the lifestyle – the viewer, by interacting with individual figures with this unusual animal, can observe how the person develops and changes its attitude to life. Video clip under which it is signed as a director Jakub Gulyás, he was born on a role in Miloslavov near Bratislava, where the singer ran to ride. The main role played by the horse, which is used to train regularly. An important part of the shoot was Mary's coach Peter Andy Hric, who overseen the horse working with the actors and the director and that the horse did not lose it.

On the occasion of the forthcoming concert and Maria Čírová's birthday, we will also bring you the author's article for its 10-year influence on the musical scene in the next few days. You can watch a singer's news on his official site, as well as on Facebook ac Instagram.

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Mária Čírová is preparing a concert 3An and 1 Once

Information and pictures were provided by by Adriana Čahojová or Soul for Show. We have adapted the print report.

Photo by Jakub Gulyás

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