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Varao Dara Rolins: So many times I was eager to scream that everything was different! – People – Woman


He has been playing music since early childhood. Even after forty years of career, she can be relevant and popular. Dara Rolins believes he loves his occupation.

"It's a simple and easy to read,"
he told TV Pravda. "If something is played and done for the impact,
These are usually short-term things. They're stars of one hit, "
Dara Rolins continued.

"It was about me, even for the price that I never knew
I will not win the Gold Slaves and I did not get an award, so I'll survive –
It is not possible at all. I do not try to talk. I love what I'll do. I am
I live and breathe music and I'm extremely natural and do well, "
said a famous singer in a video interview.

However, part of life is also an interest to the public, often wearing
in the media, "cracking" cases, privacy. "I am public
a well-known and alongside that, moments, situations, emotions that are not
they are always positive, "pragmatic Dara Rolins.

"Sometimes it makes me call, it makes me angry, even if I do not delay. Sometimes I have
Feels like I'm screaming in the world that it's all different and what it is
Do you think? But then I always breathe, breathe and say, I'm not
the only one, "said Dara indeed.

In the interview for TV Pravda, he also talked about how he sees that year
has passed since the break with the Rytmus rapper or a business necessity, which
in the current musical career that the singer needs. Look ahead
video at the beginning of article.

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