Monday , July 4 2022

They caught a sprayer in Piešťany, disputed with a pervitin dealer


The inscriptions referred to a pervitin dealer with an address.

Spray paintings appeared on three dozen apartment buildings and on the facade of the House of Art in Piešťany from November last year. All of them referred to the pervitin dealer and the address. The police have already discovered their beginner, who is in danger of being jailed for six months to three years.

"The buildings in the whole city were almost damaged, part of Prednádražie, Adam Trajan's housing estate, Juh housing estate, Valová and others," said regional police spokesman Martina Kredatusová on Tuesday. "On the basis of active search activities, offenders identified Piešany potential offender, and camera records also contributed to its identity.

"Eventually, 40-year-old Viktor from the town of Nové Mesto could not accuse Váhom of the evidence and the inquiries of the crime of damaging foreign matter," he said.

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