Sunday , August 7 2022

They broke a few microwaves and discovered how the grapes created plasma


Sliced ​​and favorite favorite grapes.

Bratislava. Unfortunately in the microwave is one of the most popular and most beautiful tricks you can find on YouTube.

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Enjoy the beans almost half so that only a small piece of hide has to connect.

Then put them in the microwave oven. When you turn it, the plasma sprayers, high ome gas, also found in the stars, will jump for you.

But try not to try home.

Canadian scientists have destroyed a number of microwaves in a new study until they've been able to find out how plasma plasma shoots will rise.

The study was published in the National Science Academy Proceedings.

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No important part is needed

Although the phenomenon is one of the most popular and well-known for many years, Canadians are the first to scientifically explore.

However, they drop up to twelve kitchen appliances for their scientific progress.

"We had to destroy many microwaves during the experiments, and in a minute we had a laboratory ready-made graveyard before we took them to collect raw materials," said co-author Hamza Khattak at Ars Technica.

The machine may not only damage the inside plasma. If the microwave is empty or almost empty, uncontrolled radiation can also be destroyed. But the result was worthwhile, showing what was really happening.

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