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These 3 objects are among the most special we can observe in the universe

The universe is full of unexplained mysteries. It’s true that we still don’t know much about it, which may be why we often come across astronomical objects they cannot explain by lawthat we manage writing the airspacemag.com portal.

Galaxy shines in the infrared spectrum

Jason Wright is an astronomer at Pennsylvania State University. In his research, he asked if there could be extraterrestrial civilizations that they could make living in the whole galaxy. He decided to base his questions on practical observations and was able to find a few promising candidates using the infrared space telescope, WISE.

Initial observations showed that these selected galaxies emit high levels of infrared radiation. However, they were all galaxies where new stars formed in large numbers, so excessive heat could be attributed to this phenomenon. One galaxy, called WISE J224436.12, stood out from all the others. In his research, Wright described this galaxy as a possible home for extraterrestrial civilization and suggested that further research should focus on it in more detail.

A star that should not exist

In 1960, a Polish astronomer, Antoni Przybylski, discovered a star that at first glance did not deviate from normal. It was twice as big as the Sun and four times heavier. Its surface was several thousand degrees hotter than the surface of the Sun, but as written above, it was nothing special, resp. not particularly special.

Until spectral analysis reveal something shocking. Each chemical element leaves a specific spectral trace, and analysis of this star showed an unusual excess of some elements. Przybylski revealed traces of barium and strontium, along with all 15 rare elements occurring here on Earth.

One possible explanation is that the star may have swallowed a planet in her life that contained these elements, but other theories suggest that the star may have been the landfill of extraterrestrial civilization.

Star Tabby

Observations from the Kepler Space Telescope have shown that Tabby’s star is flashing irregularly. Its brightness can be reduced up to 22% and then again jumps to normal value. This collapse may be caused by an object rotating the star.

The object could have been extraterrestrial fegasstructure, Jason Wright said. However, his claims were refuted by a long-term study of a scientist, by the name of the star. That disregard any artificial interference. Tabetha Boyajian found that the shadow was not caused by a large object, but by a variety of small objects such as comets or the ruins of a planet.

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