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The star of the Baywatch series hates many women: What did she say?


Awesome Australian audiences were held for 90 years of Sexbomba with a statement on the #metoo movement and victims of abuse.

Pamela Anderson is well-known not only for his iconic role CJ Parker in the series Baywatch, but also legendary titles in erotic magazines playboy a similar.

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He stumbled down

Recent years have heard about it less and less, and after intimidating times its greatest glory, when scandals were corrected in the media almost every day, she probably decided to remove & # 39; behind the lights and lead a peaceful life.

Still, a peaceful life is over – Pamela was a guest house in Australian talks, and her statements were very wonderful. When the correspondent asked what he was thinking about the #metoo movement, Pamela replied that she stopped not only the moderator but also all the viewers.

Stunning expression

"Feministism can go further – I am a feminist, but I believe that this third wave of feminist is a boredom, I think men are paralyzing. For me, there is too much movement ". A well-known actress also added:

"I learned my mother and I never went to a hotel with an unknown man, and if I have a business meeting and that someone opens my robot, we should work with someone else."

The team was hit by the victim's behavior Hervey Weinstein, who was harassed by many women who had abused during their productive career, and attracting actors or startup models just like this for working meetings in their hotel rooms.

He did not leave the people's incredible reactions for a long time – unless they read the light and rationality of his words, the more he noted his attention: "… and if you go to that room, do what you have and get the job." The actor confirmed the viewers who saw him as an unintentional revelation of how he was educated.

She also laughed to say that these statements are unlikely to feel the audience, and that Canada is not politically correct.

Other audiences have responded to the statement that #metoo pays men with very strict comments, and so – that a normal man who has no evil intentions, strength and determination of a woman or holding his rights has anything to fear. They also noted that, due to the choice of its violent partners, it is unlikely to be thought of …

Pamela Anderson

Pamela Anderson

Source: Northfoto

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