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The opponent has trained as a rabbit. This is no longer NHL, said Radko Gudas hardcore Hardcore


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It's not like her to be. Many NHLs do not have a foreign and former appearance. The best hockey competition in the world has moved further, but it's more or more suspicious than it's. Defender Czech Philadelphia Flyers Radko Gudas has a clear opinion: old NHL better.

Alexei Kovales, a virtuoso Russia, says that the current version of foreign hockey is boring and unreasonable. As a game with no idea, with solid gaming systems where there is not enough space for creative players.

John Tortorella's successful coach, Columbus, again tells the Foreign Media about the unscrupulous NHL. Lige, where there is a minimum of anti-club and anti-competitive competition. The competition where the professionalism over the emotions and the inflammation lies over the game.

And what is the Czech defender against the current NHL Bad Raw? It stops getting physical. A hard collection, physical play, and a little lost is a little avoided and is missing.

"The old NHL is no longer here, and I'm sorry, it was more like it, I do not know whether the owners, the managers or the gaming society, but the development is that players who retire from the physical game are being drafted " says the famous hard crew in the November interview for the portal.


Gudas came to the NHL in 2012. It was not disproportionate 90s, but hockey was harder in terms of hardness than today. There were more accidents and physical battles in the games. Gudas was also devotee.

But many have changed in his career after Matthieu Perreault last year. He had a 10-stop stop and a fine of 400 thousand dollars. Help? Obviously, because he had not rejected the next 21 games.

"Immediately after the procedure, I told Perreault that I did not want it, it was an unfortunate accident," protect Gudas at It was hard to believe, however, that someone who had never gone far after the difficult-time rules. Moreover, when she has a dad in the blood.

"I was always encouraged when I could hit someone, especially when he was one of the best players and the opponent, it's nice to send someone to the ice." Borec lies, "heats" and shakes breathlessly until you take the puck and you do what you want, " in the spring interview for Radnes father and former Czechoslovakian representative Leo Gudas for

And as a former Czech referee he took advantage of Gudas's intervention on Perreault Petr Bolina? "So, my torture kills the rabbits," he says about Czech


Elias Pettersson (Vancouver Canucks)

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Vancouver's new star, Elias Pettersson, is among the stars of the present NHL.

Source: Reuters

The concept of foreign hockey has changed in favor of smaller and technical players. All of this caused the physically disposed ones to adapt to success. And to get speed they had to reach their kilograms.

"The men who were pulled up more than 80 pounds, now have half of them, and a technique of working on changing direction, rather than strength and keep a speed of endurance. " notes Raw.

However, the support of the "fighters" defense is not the only Czech player to adapt. And the attacker Tomáš Plekanec he had to change a few things. As it came to an end, in its age it was a bigger problem and recently he finished his job in NHL after many years.

"I can see Montreal's cabinet is young, fast and vigorous, what the NHL requires, and in the summer, I managed to get three cylinders, and now I can keep up the speed and take the first steps, says in October Plekanec about


Connor McDavid in fighting with a Chicago player.

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Connor McDavid in fighting with a Chicago player.

Source: Reuters

The new NHL symbol has become a spectacular young teenager, Connor McDavid. Captain Edmonton is stunned by his dynamics, and Sidney Crosby describes him as the best player in the world. In the 1990's, however, it would have been much harder in NHL.

"When McDavid starts to run on me, I say," Make it up, come back! " When he runs out of the goal and he has a free time, he gets to the blue bad, " he admits the wild bag and, at the same time, informs that there is a lot of speeds in the league.

"For example, Austin Wagner from Los Angeles, who knows a bit about it, and in my opinion is faster than McDavid," says 28-year-old Kladno to the "young kings".


Jaromir Jagr

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Jarrír Jágr in Jersey Jersey Panthers.

Source: Reuters

And where is luck in the professional ice hockey? According to former Bologna referee, he began to change in the mid 90's. At that time, after collapse of communism, the abolition was opened with the old continent and Russia completely. And those NHL were so surprised.

"I was 22 years old and I'll remember what happened at the time." Even at the Nagano Olympics, Jagger turned off ten times in a row and did not lose her, you could not break, but pack him and catch in. When you return to the man, have a hockey to clear, " Bolin said, and continued,

"In 1994, when I was whipping at the Olympics in Lillehammer, it was said to have to clean up the hockey. Since 1995, the trend has started to change and today's players are being promoted non-fit physically. Abroad, they wanted to take advantage of European hockey – a technical game, speed, skate and hockey. I'm curious about where to go. "



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