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The old kogman is going to retire. New and more accurate

The new definitions will be in force from May next year.

An old kilogram measure will be deservedly retired for more than a century. It will have a new and more detailed definition. It will automatically change the definition of another three of the seven units of the International Units System (OS).

This proposal was approved on Friday 16th November at the General Conference on Weights and Measures in Paris. The change in the determination of SI units will take place from May 20, 2019, which is also a Metropolitan World Day.

Common changes will not be accepted by ordinary people, but scientists will welcome them because they will be able to rely on more defined units in their experiments. New standards, based on physical compounds, will be generally accessible and stable time.

Information came from the National Physical Laboratory (NPL) website in England.

Based on physical compounds

Up to four out of seven SI units are not defined by physical constables. These include an electric current, amper unit, temperature unit, kelvin, substance unit, pig, and unit of weight, kilogram.

The other three: meter, second, and kandel are right in this respect. For example, the meter is the length of the path that the light gives under vacuum in 1/299792458 seconds and a second specifies the time equivalent to avoid 946 631 770 radiation avoidance cesium.

Composite snapshot of XLSSC006 galaxies. It was created by combining X-ray (optical) X-ray data and infrared X-ray data obtained by CFHT binoculars in Hawaii.

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Slide Space Theory has. Soon we'll see if it's true

Cilogram problem

On the other hand, perhaps the most problematic unit is kilogram. Its standard is a piece of metal, which contains 90 percent platinum and 10 percent of a magazine. After settling in the Vault in France. This international kilogram prototype (IPK) has been an official standard since 1889.

According to him, they produce 40 copies, which belong to the relevant organizations around the world. They serve as national standards and are sometimes sent back to France compared to the prototype.

Despite the fact that these standards are stored in protected environments, they have undertaken a variety of microscopic impurities over the last 130 years. Although they are cleaned regularly, differences are found in comparison with them and the kilogram definition must be constantly updated. Although the differences are not very small, they can experience problems in correct scientific experiments.

A kilogram and regular cleaning standard.

photographs / 2

A kilogram and regular cleaning standard.

Source: BIPM

Need a new standard

Metrologists have been talking about the need for a new standard for many years now. The definition of a new kilogram is based on a consistent and finalized Final Planck, which, unlike the IPK, is always relevant.

The ampere will be defined by the constant, steady, constant, constant, electrical electricity of Avogad.

More accurate measurements

"The new definitions will greatly improve the understanding and elegance of a unit teaching. They open the way to an unlimited improvement in measuring accuracy, which will greatly improve accuracy and extend the possibility of measuring very small amounts of very small amounts," said Terry Quinn, Emeritus of the International Center for Pressure and Measures (BIPM).

According to Quinn, the new system looks exciting at first glance, but everyone can easily understand it. He himself has built a straightweight weight straight Electromechanical Watt from Lego, which is directly on the basis of a consistent Planck.

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