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The new game from From Software and author of Game of Thrones is ahead for 3 years and I have a Nordic world t


GR.Rartin, creator of Game of Thrones collaborates with From Software on a new AAA game that we know under the nameGreat RuneAs the famous Italian journalist Antonio Fuctio noted, the Great Rune may not be a full open world game. In the upcoming news, he noted in his Tweete, where the hard news is not necessarily final:

Mem will confirm that I have been informed of this project some years ago. Nemus is one of the fully open worlds due to the limitations of the gimmick, and the engine has been upgraded from From Software. Besides, I'm not sure that the game is called Great Rune. It would be just a sign. For example, Bloodborne had a sign of the SPRJ.

Different leaks started early on the Internet in March. Then they believed From Software to work on the Game of Thrones adaptation, but now we know it's not true. So it's going from G.R.Rartin's pen. According to the Gematsu portal, the game has been under development for three years. Our RPG title is in the open world (it's not completely up to date), where horse riding has also been included and the author is working closely with Hidetaka Miyazaki. , president From Software.

The new but unconfirmed information also came with a stranger to the 4chan site (who needs to order 4chan), where he mentioned the following:

  • in development, the game is referred to as Project Rune
  • game of legends and legends nordic, drilling forest giants, draugers and nekken t
  • is regarded as the spiritual soul of Dark Souls, but it contains many great changes
  • Miyuizaki is not a primary developer, but Yui Tanimura is a seven-year-old chairman in Dark Souls 2 and co-director of Dark Souls 3
  • m of dark ARPG medieval fantasy, which offers a tarte selection of three characters, a hunter with a kuka, a soldier with a tommy giant and an aristocrat who can make a different magic book. The game will be different for you if you choose the character. Bud on environment and aka enemies odlin.
  • there will be a multiplayer where the other land's play, but also collaborate
  • The game comes out on every stage and wants to release the Bandai Namco
  • on E3 we will see a cinematic trailer, not gameplay
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