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The latest Kobra 11 is coming to Slovakia! Viewers face a revolutionary change – Crime – About the series


cobra 11,

The latest, the 25th series brings a changing hill.


Get ready for a furious premiere! On Monday, Markíza TV will begin broadcasting the 25th latest series, which is already incredible. However, the new parts will be completely different, except for one thing. The iconic character of Investigator Semira remains.

Cobra 11 is unique in Europe, has been shown on screens since 1996 and the end is still in sight. The German series is characterized by a constant change of cast, but has a regular one. The crime scene would probably end if Semir Gerkhan (Erdoğan Atalay) evaporates, but he’s not going anywhere in the 25th series. RTL home television has prepared revolutionary changes for viewers as part of the new season.

And Slovaks will have the opportunity to see them from Monday (December 7) to Friday on the Marquess from 11:40 or in the evening rejoining at 5:55 pm on Dajto TV.

In the latest series next to Semir’s side, the audience will see a female heroine! Commissioner Vicky Reisinger will be played by 31-year-old young actress Pia Stutzenstein, who first had to go through many casting rounds. The actress immediately sat down with her temporary colleague and is excited about working on the series: “I’ve known Cobra 11 since I was a kid, so I’m all happier to be part of it – even as the first woman to play alongside Erdogan. Finally, I can prove that women can also be full to the brim, “she said.

Alongside the Semira, in the latest series, ...

A shot of the 25th series of Cobra 11.

In the Slovak version, actress Petra Vajdová will cast her vote for Commissioner Vicky.

And what does Erdogan say about his new partner? “The stories in Cobra 11 have been built on a central couple for many years, and we agreed with the creators that the time was right for a female partner. In Pie, we found a strong female heroine who with an incredible nature. action, “he said.

Take a look at the latest action trailer for the latest Cobra 11 series, which will convince you that this series definitely doesn’t belong to the old iron and you’ll want to see new parts!

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