Tuesday , July 5 2022

The largest shareholder of the Danske Bank deposited the Chair of the Board of Directors


The largest shareholder of Danske Bank, the Maersk family, had denied the chair of the board of directors of the bank after a scandal of money laundering, and also resigned the CEO.

A. P. Moller Holding, managing about 21 percent of the bank's capital, has proposed that the chairman of the largest Danish bank Karsten Dybvad, head of the Confederation of Danish Industry, will be replaced by Ole Andersen.

This stage is rare for the family of Maerskov Danish, who has a giant share of A. A. Moller-Maersk by A. P. Moller Holding. Now, however, she has "exposed the muscle" open to trying to change it for one of its investments.

"Danske Bank seeks new guidance and changes in its line to strengthen its position as a leading Nordic Bank," said Robert Uggla, executive director of the A. A. Moller family.

Andersen, who has been chair of the Bank of Danske for seven years, has agreed to resign at an exceptional general meeting that will take place within two weeks.

This change follows a € 200 billion silver scandal of the Estonia Bank Danske girl between 2007 and 2015.

Danske is under investigation in Denmark, Estonia and the US.

According to the senior shareholder, the bank needs a new chair, "to strengthen its ability to apply corporate culture and to adhere to rules and regulations."

Chief Executive of Danske Bank Thomas Borgen resigned in September when the group issued a report on suspicious transactions.

However, he invented the attack in the bank in the following month when the regulator rejected the lack of experience of Jacob Aarup-Andersen, who chose his board of directors to be a new director.

Even the PFA Danish pension funds and ATP support the nomination of Dybvad for the new president, said A. Moller Holding.

Danske Bank reported on Tuesday that she was still looking for CEO.

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