Thursday , January 20 2022

The Kaufland Advent Calendar puts children a smile at home


Rev. APP has prepared for Kaufland an offer for an advent calendar with a children's story and a campaign that has been targeted by a parent.

He was happy with his family in New Zealand. One day, however, is an unfortunate accident
fell into a fruit box and get a boat to Slovakia. Now he has to find a way back,
to be at Christmas at home The speech is about the Kiwi bird who became a Christmas mascot
Kaufland campaigns to promote calendar calendar adventures. That is the agency
Rev. APP.

This year's Advent Calendar will only be children from Kaufland but also children in children
homes. Money from the civic society Smile as a gift of over 35
years of working to find children in their home at home. Part of the campaign
is a television spot where it is definitely shown, although a child's customers are glad
calendar, another child in a child's home can meet even more joy. The campaign adds
prints and outdoor areas.

The agency has also prepared an animated narrative to share four parts, whose main character
Kiwi bird of the Advent Calendar. Each chapter will gradually add to the page
Kaufland every Sunday. Kaufland will also be proud of the children of their customers and their children
from children's homes.

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