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The Karl Composition Vsi will be on December 4th


The mayor of Stargate, Dana Cahiova and local deputies will promise.

21 Nov 2018 at 23:11 SITA

Bratislava. The constituent council in the Karlovy Vary area of ​​Bratislava will be on Tuesday, December 4th. For the SITA agency, Branislav Heldes, a Karl & # 39; s Club spokeswoman, said they were scheduled to start at 16:00.

The council meeting will be in a meeting room on the ground floor of Carinthian local authority in Tm. Vol. Františka 8 in Bratislava. Mayor continues to wait Dana Čahojová (independent), together with deputies of the constituent assembly pledges promise.

In the urban city of Bratislava-Karlova Ves, 19 independent MPs will be elected from the total of 25 MPs after the municipal elections of November. It is derived from the results published by the government on its official website. The representatives of Jaromír Šíbl and Branislav Záhradník again came to the assembly.

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Dana Čahojová, Mayor Karlová, will sit in the local council with a maximum of fourteen independent MPs. The members include Peter Buzas, Juraj Kmetko, Pavol Martinicky, Lívia Poláchová, Zuzana Volkova, Filip Petrinec, Rudolf Rosina, Jaromir Shibl, Zuzana Melusova Kutarna, Matej Kotal, Martina Magatova, Ján Horecky, Daniela Zahradnikova , Milan Julia, Peter Magat, Anna Zemanová, Peter Lenč to Branislav Záhradník. The deputies were winner of the mayor of Karlová Ves Dana Čahojová.

Formerly Slovakia and Liberal Democracy was represented by Martin Ganz, Petra Hudáková, Michal Kovács, Stanislav Hrda and Martin Vician. For OĽaNO, SaS, we are a family – Boris Kollar, KDH, OKS, Nova, Change from the bottom and the Slovakia Democratic Union will sit in Parliament in the Senate Chamber Anton Šmotlák.

The mayor of Bratislava – Karlova Ves city will also be in the next election period Dana Čahojová. Four years ago, 4,847 votes were cast by the Karlovešťanov, 8,579 people voted for the election. In the second place, the candidate completed a coalition on the right hand side of Anton Šmotlák.

The municipal elections were in Slovakia on Saturday November 10.

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