Monday , September 26 2022

The gas in Podbrezova exploded


Firefighters fought Friday night in a fire at Podbrez, where a gas explosion was carried out in the flat house. TASR Zuzana Farkas of Presidium and Fire and Rescue Corps (HaZZ) informed.

"The fire, which hit the tooth, was even partially dissolved before the firemen arrived. One person suffered from burns at the event, another was poisoned by burns, " he says.

As a Roman Brasin from the executive center of the HaZZ Regional Office in Banská Bystrica, The explosion and subsequent fire occurred in the flat on the second floor in Podbrezová, or the name Kolkáreň. Five vehicles and 11 firemen were sent to the intervention. At the moment, the hit has expired. "Both injured people handled the crew of the medical staff and HaZZ sanitary vehicle members. One person was taken to hospital, " respond to the TASR after 22.00 hours Borcin with the fact that the fire detector and police are in the place and place.

As a result of the explosion, the statues could be damaged in a dwellinghouse. According to Borc's statistics, he looked at all the apartments and did not see any serious damage, therefore Residents who are temporarily vacated could return to their homes. An exception is the apartment where the explosion occurred and the owner is in hospital. In this same apartment, it had to be burned with gas gals.

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