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The doctor warns with breathtaking pictures that we are not sleeping in lenses


Lenses help many people who wear glasses. They are very practical, a person can practice in them or do difficult activities without being limited. However, very often people forget the basic instructions on how to handle the lenses and so endanger their eyesight.

Hygiene and proper dressing of lenses is the foundation that everyone should follow. However, some do not address this, which is why the American Ophthalmologist shared recent photos on his Facebook page. They are not just the most desirable, but they show the risks that occur when people do not choose lenses and sleep in bed.

Gepostet von Vita Eye Clinic for April 28, 2019

Remarkably, many people sleep in contact lenses, though they should not. An eye doctor from Clinic Vita Ece shared the pictures He sayshe had a patient who was sleeping regularly in his contact lenses and had never had a problem.

“As an ophthalmologist I have often listened to similar stories. The shared photos show a case of local emergency care. Our pseudomonas ulcer is created because of sleep in contact lenses. Pseudomonas is a common cause of eye problems leading to permanent blindness. This is the fourth cause of this bacterium I have treated in my clinic. Bacteria eat cornea in patients and leave bloody or white necrosis, or dead tissue, to their eyes within a few days. I had to put the antibiotics in instant drops in the patient to reduce permanent scarring, " he said in your job on Facebook eye doctor.

Gepostet von Vita Eye Clinic, 30 April 2019

On the picture you can see the green color of the eye that appeared there because of the answer used to investigate the problem. Bacteria are usually collected in cornea areas.

Gepostet von Vita Eye Clinic for April 28, 2019

Although the doctor intervened immediately, the patient's appearance may not be right. "Although this patient's eye improves dramatically, compared to the previous condition the eye is, apparently, shows some kind of residual sight loss." . " I never recommend sleeping in any contact lens brand. Risks always outweigh the benefits. Just a few seconds it's taken to draw your lenses, but it can damage your eye forever. "

Gepostet von Vita Eye Clinic, 30 April 2019

The length of the ulcer in the eye is not determined for weeks or even months. The bacteria spread very quickly and the ulcer can be made within 36 hours. So you should not sleep in contact lenses at any cost.

"People must see these pictures and remember how important it is to wear and use contact lenses properly," the doctor.

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