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The cult innkeeper is dead: Did a professional boxer kill her husband?

How it happened: On the morning of October 19, 2020, Thomas F. was found dead above his Des Alpes restaurant. In your own flat. According to investigators, a blunt object caused his injuries. But: Police have not arrested anyone for weeks in connection with the death of the restorer.

The day after the body was found, the media called the wife of Thomas F., the victim’s widow. Viviane O. did not comment on the incident. A major police operation is also taking place on the same day at her gym in Interlaken. Nevertheless: There is no arrest. Not yet.

The couple only got married in January

The mystery continues. The name Viviane O. is repeatedly used in connection with a cruel act. In the city, people ask themselves: Did a professional boxer kill her own husband? But why should the mother of a young son do such a thing? The couple only got married in January, with an age difference of nearly 30 years. About three weeks before the tragedy, however, O. was known to have moved out of a shared Hungarian apartment. He began living in Oberried.

Three days after the Interlaken play, Viviane O.’s two cars are in front of the house. Fine sports car and family car. Her name is already on the mailbox and on the bell.

About the motive of the act

Source: Viviane O./Instagram

She didn’t want to talk to journalists

Journalists phoned her. Latina looks through the glass door, but immediately turns without a word. Immediately after this brief meeting, he sits on his terrace and talks to a friend there. A few minutes later, the South American woman went for a run in a sweatshirt.

Days and weeks go by. The murder has not yet been solved. But on November 9 – exactly three weeks after the body was found – the news suddenly came: A woman was taken into custody in connection with the murder!

Bern’s law enforcement authorities have not said much about this: Whether and to what extent a woman has a role to play in the crime is currently being investigated. Nothing is said about a woman’s identity. No age, no nationality.

Oberried police operation

Reports of an apparent arrest are spreading fast in the region: Boxer is said to be behind bars. “We haven’t seen her here in days.” confirmed by Oberried residents. The labels on the bell and the mailbox disappeared again as well.

Ernst Ruef (80) lives just three houses away. On the day of his arrest, he saw a raid on a boxer’s house. The pensioner remembers: “The cops came in the morning, all in civilian clothes. But their four cars were labeled” a police operation. “ A total of eight investigators entered O.’s house and did not leave for several hours.

Viviane O. is now seated

Source: Viviane O./Instagram

He is in custody

On Thursday, November 12, the inmate was heard in court in Thune.

The question was whether or not a reservation should be ordered. Police at Thun Regional Jail will stop just before half past one. At her table was Viviane O., sitting in the back seat of the van, hiding her face under her jacket.

After hours, the car leaves again, the interrogation is over. Inside sits Viviane O. – who again covers her face with her hands. In the following days, interviewers and acquaintances will be interviewed.

It is a presumption of innocence. Viviane O. has now been in custody for at least three months. her lawyer does not want to provide journalists with any information about his arrested client.

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