Tuesday , August 16 2022

Tesla stands before a critical court. The deceased's family believe he was killed by a dangerous autopilot


Tesla was in court after the family of the late Wei Huang decided to bring a lawsuit. Huang suffered an accident last year when an autopilot on her Tesla X Model broke into a highway barrier.

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The injured family sued Tesla for the absence of security features on the electric vehicle above, which, for example, did not have an automatic emergency braking system. by the official handbook However, the Tesla X model has this system.


According to the portal Bloomberg the family said that the Model X was very dangerous to its passengers, and that the automatic mistakes should be removed by their modification by the manufacturer. He also claims that Huang has died because Tesla is testing an autopilot on active drivers and is not looking at the results.

The family's solicitor, B. Mark Fong, said the family wanted to prevent similar accidents by prosecuting. After the conference on Wednesday, Fong says his team has access to the car after the crash, but the data is private.


Elon Musk also mentioned the accident last spring he wrotethat the Tesla autopilot makes the world definitely safer for traffic. Tesla refused to comment on the complaint and said in the blog that the driver had about 5 seconds and 150 meters for the reaction, but took no action.

Huang had a speed of about 105 km / h as the car started to turn to the left and accelerate as it was driven by a vehicle speed adjustment system to its front. After the accident, the car arose and caused a chain harvester. Huang, having been taken out of the car and transported to the hospital, has died from an accident, informing the portal t The Verge.

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