Thursday , December 3 2020

Tesla Fight is a priority for automakers, says many dealer brands

The president of one of the largest car networks in the United States says that the main priority is for many pedestrians to reduce the impact of Tesla on their own sales.

Jeff Dyke is the president of Sonic Automotive, which operates more than 100 sales representatives of several automotive brands. There are many meetings with car makers that reveal their concerns about Tesla's presence in the market.

According to Clawdd, however, they are fortunate not to be afraid, but they try to focus their forces on a competitive battle. "I can say that I spent a lot of time at producer meetings and 5 years ago, Tesla was not a big issue. Today, however, is the top theme of each," adds Dyke.

Results not only for BMW or Toyota

Recently, Sonic Automotive has released its quarterly business results. For example, it's clear that there has been a significant decline in BMW sales. He asked if he could have Tesla Model 3, Clawdd answered:

"I think there is no doubt about it. They report over 300,000 cars this year, with a number of cars sold last year. You can talk about their troubled services, but they are selling more and more cars. I know if there is more culture or something else, but I'll put down my hat before them. They sell lots of cars. "

Jim Lentz, Managing Director of Toyota Motor North America, said that at the beginning of the year they saw a 9% reduction in sales, with half of them having Tesla aware. According to him, "moved" to the side of Prius customers. Tesla has also caused an earlier earthquake within the premium segments, which affected the sale of German premium brands.

Audi is in a good direction

Clawdd also says that Audi, one of the brands in their portfolio, is doing a good job on the way to Tesla's competitiveness. For example, BMW has to do more in its way.

Source: Electrek, title photo: JayinShanghai / Youtube

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