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Telekom to launch a new Internet Magnet. It has more data and advantages to their welcome


Telekom will launch a new version of Magio Internet on Monday, May 6, 2019. As a result, customers will be able to use larger amounts of data and benefit from the Magenta Group 1, Telekom said in a press release.

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The new version of the program will allow the customer to choose one of three programs according to their data usage needs. Each program has an unlimited speed, depending on the available 4G network and has the same price as the fixed connection from Telekom.

Offer program

When the monthly package has expired, the speed will be reduced to 512 kbps to download and to upload. If the customer needs additional data quickly, they can purchase a 10GB package for € 10.

  • Variation M for 10,90 € (50 GB per month at full speed)
  • L variance for 15,90 € (full 200 months full speed)
  • XL Variation for 20,90 € (full speed 500 monthly GB) t
Air internet Raising in Kitty pack and Magenta 1

The new version of the Internet Magnet service will enable the service to be included Smart Package and if a customer is already using a landline or satellite TV, it can also be obtained discounts in the appropriate combination. From now on, customers can also link services in new areas where they are not available.




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Telekom makes data packs cheaper for IE. It also adds 500 MB option

At the same time, they will be able to draw benefits for mobile flat rates (more data volume, more minutes), internet air Magnet figures in Magenta 1 as a standard fixed service.

Availability Magio Internet Air

The new version of the service is intended for customers who do not have a broadband Internet connection at their place of residence and would like to use the Internet quickly.

Customers can buy the service if:

  • it does not include any broadband connection from Telekom
  • only an ADSL internet is available in an M or L variation, i. up to 8 Mbps

The condition is that the service can only be used in one direction and the service can be established if there is an adequate 4G signal on site.

Magenta 1 full portfolio for more customers

With the new version of Magio Internet Air, customers in rural areas will have more opportunities to use Telecom services: t

  • more data than on the top 4G network
  • the ability to bundle fixed services and get discounts in the Smart Package
  • benefits for mobile flat rates in Magenta 1

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